First grade students are listening to the story: La chenille qui fait des trous.  ( The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to help us learn the days of the week.  See below for the link to to the you tube video in French. 
La Chenille qui fait des trous.

First grade singing "Mains en l'air" ( hands in the air)

why teach with songs?

  • everybody likes music;
  •  music in the classroom encourages listening activities or, music can calm things down;
  • it a fun way to teach grammar and vocabulary.
  • songs are an effective memory tool
  • it is good practice for pronunciation and intonation, plus, it can be easily done at home as well;
  • memorable melody imprints linguistic patterns.
  • students will learn about the culture and people.
We will listen to the story "Frédéric" by Leo Lionni

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